New air-conditioning plant

Our Herrliberg datacentre is usually kept at a cool 20°C (currently klop°C). We could keep it higher to try to reduce energy costs, but due to the excellent insulation there is actually very little gained by raising the temperature threshold to e.g. 24 or 26. However, since April or May, the air conditioning has been straining to maintain the 20°C.
To be honest, I had noticed the average temperature creeping up towards 22°C, but as it wasn’t exactly critical, I pushed it back and more or less forgot about it. Until last week when I began running down my checklist for going away on vacation.

I had a thorough look at the airconditiong plant, and suddenly noticed that the R410A coolant was in fact slowly leaking! This is nowhere as bad for the environment as the old R12 (freon) coolant, but it’s very bad for the airconditioning efficiency. I called up the service company, who sent a maintenance guy the next day.

Quite clearly the outdoor plant was leaking coolant, but where? It wasn’t at any of the typical places – joints, connections etc. After some searching, it turned out to be the copper piping in the radiator. Unfortunately this meant there was no repairing it, it had to be replaced. I wasn’t exactly overjoyed – the plant is only just 3 years old, and of course the warranty expired only last year.

Regardless, this morning two guys from Baumgartner-Kälte showed up to replace the compressor-unit – they started at 8:20 and finished at 9:40, not bad at all.

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