True luxury

When we go away for our annual summer holidays, we usually arrange with friends to take us to Bahnhof Erlenbach to catch the S-Bahn to the airport. Something similar on the return. Going to and from the airport with the S-Bahn is really quite easy and comfortable.

However, this time on the way out, Pascal Schweiger from Swiss Car Concierge took us to the airport. When you’re not traveling for business, being taken directly to the airport felt quite luxurious.

On the way back, first a night-time eight hour ferry trip and then a five hour early morning drive to Thessaloniki. A couple of days visiting the family, then back to the airport for a return trip to Zürich via Düsseldorf. In Zürich, we were met by Pascal in the luggage pick-up area.

Long story short, after a two week holiday and a somewhat arduous return journey, it was nothing less than sheer luxury to be met by Pascal in the airport and be taken straight home.

Full disclosure – Pascal Schweiger is a good friend of mine. I hope this posting might help improve his Google ranking.

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