Five years of running Asterisk and VoIP

In my business, we receive faxes via Asterisk and Hylafax, which send them to a dedicated email-address. We don’t really receive many faxes, certainly no more than one or two per week. Today I was just checking to see if the email folder needed to be tidied up, and happened to notice that the first fax received was dated 27/3/2007. That is almost exactly 5 years ago which is as long as the telephone system has been running Asterisk.
Actually a bit more than 5 years – I remember setting up the Asterisk box over Christmas 2006. My business was beginning to gain some momentum, we had just hired the first salesman, and it was critical that I got his home-office hooked up with a VoIP telephone.

Anyway, 5 years of running VoIP with Asterisk!

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