FTTH – we’re online!

Slightly late update, but as of last Friday 23/3/2012, we have fibre-optic internet access! My provider called up in the morning to say “never mind about the VLAN, we’re skipping that, just use plain DHCP to get an address.”. Sure, no problem. When the electrician was done installing the fibre-to-copper converter, I hooked up my laptop et voila!
I’ve arranged with the provider that I have two-three weeks to test/verify everything, after which I’ll be switching the company network over from ADSL to fibre. To start with, I’ve only ordered a 50/10Mbit connection, but when compared to the current ADSL connection, that is almost 10 times more downstream and more importantly, almost 20 times more upstream bandwidth.

The fibre-to-copper converter/switch and the two optical terminator boxes.

I’m slightly worried about the fibre-to-copper converter or switch. It has 8 ethernet ports and 1 fibre port, and looks a lot like a Zyxel box. It has a distinct consumer look&feel, which makes me a little uneasy. I’ll have to check the manufacturer, I really hope it’s not a Zyxel box.

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