LEGO Technic U400

I celebrated my birthday only two weeks ago, and was fortunate to receive the LEGO Technic U400 as a present from my wife. Well, “fortunate” might not be entirely appropriate here.
Some months ago, I noticed an ad on TV, showing the LEGO Unimog along with a url: I don’t think it caught my eye right away, but after a couple of repeats, there was something highly alluring about this “LEGO for Men” concept, so I took a closer look.
Well, I’ve always been a big LEGO fan as well as a fan of potent all-terrain vehicles (don’t ask me why), and the Mercedes Unimog is surely the best representative of both. According to the website, The LEGO Technic U400 was created as a cooperation between LEGO and Mercedes-Benz, cele­brating the 60th birthday of the Mercedes Unimog.
As wives are often at a loss when it comes to chosing a birthday present for hubby, this was a welcome opportunity. I carefully prepared my seven year old son, and voila!
In the late 1970s, I was unfortunately too old to really appreciate LEGOs introduction of the Technic range, but today, it is pure, unadulterated joy building one of these sets – especially when you get to share the experience with your son who is just right age! Last year I received the LEGO Ferrari, which took myself and my son about two weeks to build. The Mercedes Unimog U400 (2048 pieces) took us about the same, and we both had a really good time!
A closing remark – you have to love the LEGO sense of understatement. Along with the varied stickers that inevitably accompany a LEGO Technic set, there were two unobtrusive stickers saying just “LEGO System A/S”. These went on the Unimog frame on the bottom, only visible when you turn it over. As if it wasn’t perfectly obvious! Thank you LEGO!

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