Need to upgrade webserver

Having just installed WordPress, it has become only more obvious that my webserver needs upgrading. It already runs quite a few things, including my company website and a few hosted customers, but sofar it has been perfectly adequate. Now however, it is becoming increasingly slow (not just because of WordPress), so it’s time for an upgrade.

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The very first entry!

Today I was discussing blogs and blogging with Delia, a good friend of mine. To get going, I suggested she just register herself with blogspot or and set up a blog there – easy and free etc. However, Delia wanted a more custom look, so I suggested running WordPress on her website would probably be the way to go. My company hosts her website, so to test it out, I went out and got hold of the WordPress software and got a blog set up on my own domain. Just for practice, I don’t really have any intentions of blogging much.

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