Time to replace the Beocom 6000 phones

I’ve been a staunch and loyal B&O customer for almost twenty years. Generally I still am, but I have to admit that my ten year old Beocom 6000s have outlived their usefulness. I have three handsets, two in grey and one in yellow. I have replaced their accumulators once, probably way overdue and entirely expected, but in the last 12 months, they have then also been letting me down one by one, and beginning of 2011 I was left with just one working handset.

I think ten years is an entirely reasonable life expectancy for a Beocom 6000 handset, so I basically wrote off the old handsets, and more or less expected to buy a couple of new ones. Of course I was also looking forward to functionality upgraded/adapted to 2011.

Well, this was not to be. Disappointingly, the Beocom 6000 handset of 2011 is the pretty much the same as that of 2001. For me, that is just not satisfactory. First and foremost, I now want VoIP, secondly I want good integration/cooperation with other systems, e.g. my local Asterisk telephone exchange. Alas, the Beocom base station is essentially a blackbox, so I started looking for VoIP capable DECT phones.

Enough for now – suffice to say we’re now using three handsets and a base station of the Siemens Gigaset range, and have sold off the Beocom bits on ricardo. It was a sad moment when I said goodbye to the B&O handsets, but the Gigasets just offer so much more.

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Why not join GIMPS?

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search has got to be one of the first collaborative internet projects open to the public. I’ve been participating since sometime in the late 1990s, but I can’t find any record of exactly when. Today I run GIMPS on a number of machines, both locally as well as on leased servers.

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Need to upgrade webserver

Having just installed WordPress, it has become only more obvious that my webserver needs upgrading. It already runs quite a few things, including my company website and a few hosted customers, but sofar it has been perfectly adequate. Now however, it is becoming increasingly slow (not just because of WordPress), so it’s time for an upgrade.

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The very first entry!

Today I was discussing blogs and blogging with Delia, a good friend of mine. To get going, I suggested she just register herself with blogspot or wordpress.com and set up a blog there – easy and free etc. However, Delia wanted a more custom look, so I suggested running WordPress on her website would probably be the way to go. My company hosts her website, so to test it out, I went out and got hold of the WordPress software and got a blog set up on my own domain. Just for practice, I don’t really have any intentions of blogging much.

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